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7 Half Diamond Ranch Review, Merritt, BC

Fishing Reviews TV is based out of British Columbia and we are truly blessed to have such beautiful landscapes and waters to fish from and enjoy.  We try out best not to take advantage of this wondrous place we live in so we take a journey; two and half hours away from Vancouver, BC to get back into nature.  Traveling through the Coquihalla Pass, and into the dryer Interior of BC, we soon arrive at a private fishing destination known as 7 half diamond Ranch. The ranch is located about 30 minutes South West of Merritt, BC on the 5A Highway.

7 Half Diamond Ranch is best known for their rainbow trout. Not only do they offer world class fishing but just being on the ranch itself is amazing. For the horse enthusiast they have quite a large riding arena for you to be able to bring your favorite horse to share a new adventure. After a long day riding you can relax if solitude is what you’re looking for. You’ll be happy to know that the cabins are quite far from each other and you might forget that you’re even on someone else’s land. Everything feels like home!  If you’ve come as a group the 7 Half Diamond Saloon that is fully equipped for any party or corporate event and has a 600 square foot deck for you and your guests to watch ranch events or get caught up in the wildlife.

The ranch currently has 2 log home style cabins available. When we first walked in to the large cabin we were blown away by the amazing furniture and finer details.  This cabin was built and decorated by Jim and Heather and you can tell they really put their hearts into it. It also features all your basic amenities including a Fridge, Stove, Coffee maker, Woodstove and some extras too like a BBQ, and even a large flat screen Satellite TV. This larger cabin could sleep up to 8 people, with 2 private bedrooms, a full bathroom and a shared loft. You’ll also get a beautiful view of Batstone pond and if you’re lucky some animals will come up and say hi too.

The smaller of the two cabins was just as equipped as the large one. It features one private bedroom with a loft to sleep up to 4-6 people. It had a wide open layout to provide guests with a great social atmosphere. This cabin is perched up on the hill so you get an amazing view of the ranch including the riding arena.

Batstone Lake is a private access only lake on the 7 Half Diamond Ranch properties. The lake itself is about 12 acres and at its deepest point it is about 35 to 37 feet deep.  It features many shallow bays, ridges, and shoals which are perfect feeding grounds for its large inhabitants. Batstone features extremely feisty Kamloops Rainbow trout, ranging from spring catchables to 34 inch trout weighing in at 12 lbs. plus. The natural feed level of the lake provides a perfect storm for these fish to grow large, and quickly. Jim makes sure to limit amount people per day so they fish are not over pressured. This keeps the fish feisty and ready to give you a run for your money.

Jim O’Connor has spent many years managing and preserving this great fishery, and stresses barbless flies, catch and release nets, and proper fish handling knowhow. He also makes sure to stock the lake each year with over 1000 catchable trout each year.  We had asked Jim if he ever catches fish to enjoy at the family dinner table, and he replied that he couldn’t eat one of his employees. That’s how serious Jim takes the wellbeing of the fish in this lake. He will however, help as much as he can with assisting newer fishermen with identifying hatches and tips on what flys to use because  not only does he love his employees, but he also wants you to catch them!

As we enjoyed our time at his resort, we found that the passion of Jim and his family truly shines through. Jim makes several checks on his guests throughout the day to make sure they’re having a good time and catching fish. Whether you’re Chironomid fishermen, or enjoy stripping Leeches and Nymphs you will find this fishery to be exciting, and rewarding.

We can’t wait to come back and test new gear out on Batstone Lake, for more information contact Jim or Heather at or call 1-800-357-3198


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Jason Craig
Jason is a local boy from the lower mainland of BC, whose Father/Son bonding revolved around fishing. His father spent countless dollars on lost gear while Jason Spin-cast off the rocks at their cabin on Mayne Island. When Jason got a bit older he took a long break from fishing. He travelled the world for a few years and then when his travels came to an end he took up a new sport, Hockey. Goaltending was the position that Jason gravitated to, and he decided that he would grow his new love by reviewing goaltending equipment for all the major manufactures. Jason and Heather married in 2011 and being married to someone who shares a love of fishing too, it didn’t take too long before they started to fish together. His hockey bug has turned into a fishing bug so it was only natural that he shift his reviewing of hockey gear to fishing gear. He loves to help people out and share everything he knows, so this new venture is right up his alley.


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