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Allen Fly Fishing – Xa 10′ 7wt – Kraken Reel Review

Allen-Fly-FishingAllen Fly Fishing was founded in 2008. Since that time they have expanded their lineup from just hooks and reels to also include rods, fly lines, boxes, and much more. The team at Allen Fly Fishing sent us their most popular XA Series rod in a 10 foot, 7 weight design and paired it up with their highly touted Kraken Reel.

The XA series rod comes in various weights ranging from a 3 weight up to an 8 weight.  Most of the weight models come in either a 9 foot or a 10 foot option. The 10’ single hand felt like it had a bit of a slower action than originally expected, but this could due to its length and being used to casting a 9’ rod.  This particular 7 weight rod comes in at $249.00 on the Allen Fly Fishing website.

We were excited to put these products to the test so we took this setup everywhere with us, Stillwater fishing at the 7 Half Diamond Ranch, to the famous Upper Pitt River in southern BC, and on a couple rivers close to home .

We caught several fish with this rod ranging from rainbow trout, bull trout, white fish and more. The flex in the rod made for playing fish quite entertaining, even on the small fish. But there’s enough strength in this rod to handle summer run Steelhead, and smaller species of Salmon like Pinks and Coho.

The Kraken Reel series is a very well machined and beautified reel option from Allen Fly Fishing. We were using the model #3 which retails for $209.99 and is made for line weights from 7 to 9, and 350 to 500 grain shooting heads. It features a lightweight design machined from aerospace grade barstock aluminum, and weighs in at 5.9 ounces.  This is Allen Fly Fishing’s first reel which includes a V Cut spool, which is designed to guide your backing on to the spool evenly.

The drag consists of a fully sealed Teflon cork composite disc system, and is quite accurate and smooth. This reel colour version is no longer available, but you still have a couple options of either all black or emerald green.

Overall we were happy with the rod and reel combination, and would recommend it to people seeking a mid-level priced setup.

For more information on Allen Fly Fishing and all the products they offer, or to make a purchase, please visit their website at


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