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Cheeky Fly Fishing – Ambush 375 Reel Review

Cheeky Fly FishingIn 2009 Cheeky launched itself in to the highly competitive market of Fly Fishing Reels. Their choice to do one type of product and one type only has put them at the forefront of fly fishing reel technology. They have a total of 5 reels, which focus on a species range from small trout to very large sharks.  Cheeky is a small business and unlike huge corporations, their focus is on the product and customer service.

In this review we are looking at their Ambush 375 reel, which comes in at a modest 6.1 ounces, and is 3.75 inches in diameter. This reel has very versatile range of line weight capacity, from 5 weight up to 7 weight lines plus backing; which gives you a wide range of species to target, large trout, bass, or even small salmon are easily handled with this reel.

Cheeky Fly Fishing focuses on two major factors when designing and building a fly fishing reel; Technology, and Style. The reel features a Sealed Evo Synthetic Disc Drag, which keeps out water and sand from reaching the bearings and drag system. A quick dunk in the river removes any sand, or muck, which may come in contact with the reel. The drag is comprised of stainless steel and composite discs, which provide great stopping power, and extended life of the reel. The B2 Channel is a reserve backing bank that increases the line and backing capacity by about 20% over the competitive Large Arbor Reels. The colours on this unit are a nice green and gold combination which really works well with bright coloured lines.

One really cool feature about the reel is the lack of tools needed to change a spool, or switch from left hand to right hand retrieve. You can quickly and easily open up the reel and make the necessary changes.

Cheeky’s focus on style and technology has pushed them away from the traditional fly reel. Their focus on looking good while you fly fish has brought a multitude of colours and an attitude.  This is something they are very proud of and continue to seek fly fishermen who demand the best of the best.

The Cheeky Ambush 375 performed very well during our testing period, and will continue to be a go to reel for us. It was tested on lakes, in rivers, on trout, and even pink salmon. We paired it up with intermediate sink lines, and floating lines and we enjoyed its lightweight build and performance.

This Reel is available for $360.00, and the spare spool is just $140.00. At this price it fits right in the middle of the price point range, but gives you the quality of the higher price competitive reels in the market place.

For more information on Cheeky Fly Fishing, visit their website at or visit their Facebook page.

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