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Farlex Reels 1-1 Direct Drive Spey Reel Review

farlex-reelsIf you are a Spey fishing enthusiast and enjoy a loud click pawl reel, you may want to take a further look at the Farlex reel. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of these beautiful reels and put it to the test.

These reels are designed, manufactured and assembled by Tim Gelinas here in the Pacific Northwest. The Farlex reels are designed to handle steelhead and salmon and are purpose built for Spey rods with adequate backing capacity, ideal weight to balance ratio for the ever so precise Spey casting fulcrum.  Also, the wide compact reel design aids in eliminating casting distortion one experiences with tall large arbor reels with such cast as the Double Spey and Snake Roll cast.

With Tim’s knowledge and experience he has collected over the past 20 years, he has put it all together and created a reel suitable for the large waters and salmon and Searun trout species around the world.

Farlex Reel currently has 2 models two choose from, the Farlex Multiplier for faster retrieve, and the 1-1 direct drive. Both of these models come in a 1 way outgoing check for a silent retrieve, and a 2 way check for those of you who enjoy that option.

The reel diameter is 3 and 3/4” and weighs in at around 9.6 ounces; the Farlex will balance well with most modern spey rod available on the market.

The reel’s capacity is approximately 130yds of 30lb Dacron backing which is plenty, and enough space to accommodate any of your favorite spey lines.

I really liked the classic look and feel of the Farlex; the sound it made was incredible! With a sweet looking solid winding plate, the reel echoes and sings a loud, crisp tune when you hook into a hot fish. With only the sound and the fish on, your heart will feel like it’s going to explode.

The part I like best about the Farlex is that the reel doesn’t have a drag, only the check and your fingers on the moving parts to slow the fish down. This is often my preference, as it really makes you feel connected with the fish.

The model we got to play with here at FRTV was the Farlex 1-1 direct drive 1 way check. The silent retrieve was smooth like butter and with a big handle; it was comfortable to grip as I retrieved the line.

Everything about the reel I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the workmanship and design Tim put into creating this beauty of a reel.

Tim is currently designing a snake handle reel to compliment his offerings for classic styled reels.

There is something special about purchasing a custom designed reel made by Farlex, as a boutique designer Tim personally gets to know every customer. When you get your reel in the mail, you will know your in rare company it’s one of those unique pieces your fellow fishermen will be asking you about.

For more information on Farlex Reels, and what they are working on please check out

I really look forward to seeing what Tim will have in store for us next.


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