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Frogg Toggs Jacket, Waders & Boots

Frogg Toggs Jacket, Waders & Boots

Frogg Toggs Review

Over the last month I’ve had the chance to take the Frogg Toggs Hellbender Waders, Anura Felt Wading Boots and Pilot Wading Jacket out for a few test drives. All three have stood up remarkably well in various conditions. Frogg Toggs Waders, Boots & Jacket - Boots

I’m relatively new to fishing and have only worn some basic fishing apparel, because I’ve been unsure of what to buy and limited to a budget. Having had a chance to wear these pieces of Frogg Toggs wading gear, I’m amazed at not only the comfort of quality gear, but the price point in getting set-up with wading wear.

Hellbender Waders

Before trying out these Hellbender Waders, I have gone through two sets of boot attached waders, which were well under my budget but bulky and cumbersome. The Hellbender Waders fit well and even combined with long johns and jogging pants underneath for a few cold days, I didn’t feel all bunched up on my legs and midsection like I have with previous waders.

Quality material, with reinforced protection on the knees and shins – these waders stood up walking through thick brush, over and under log jams, through branch heavy forests and stayed warm while standing in some cold morning river water.

The front pockets are big and secure for your important personal items with a zipper and velcro pocket, not to mention one of my favourite features on these waders, the warming pocket that’s easily accessible to keep your hands warm on those chilly days.

The Hellbender Waders retails at $139.95 which is a great price for a new or veteran fisher person. A high quality product for a quality price. Find them on the Frogg Toggs site here.

Anura Felt Wading Boots

As I mentioned before, having only worn boot attached waders, walking through higher, faster water and on slick rocks while sporting the Anura Felt Wading Boots, I felt more confident and safe with each step. The boot attached waders were slippery and cumbersome through higher water, having the felt on the Anura Boots was a new sensation when walking across slick rocks, high terrain and log jams. Felt boots are a must in the Lower Mainland with a lot of our rivers having slick terrain and wearing the Anura Felt Boots make fishing through the rainy season, a dream.

Having rolled my ankle badly in the past, strong support for my ankles is important for long days in cold river water. The Anuras are sturdy and well built.

The Anura Felt Wading Boots come in at $89.95, a great entry point for someone trying out wading boots for the first time. Check them out on the Frogg Toggs site here.

Frogg Toggs Waders, Boots & Jacket - FishPilot Wading Jacket

Living on the West Coast and fishing tributaries of the Fraser River, staying warm and dry on the river is important. With all of the rain and wind we can face in the Fraser Valley having a good balance of clothing layers, all covered by a wind and water proof jacket, keeps you warm and fishing through any weather.

I’m a pocket junky when it comes to fishing and having not only more then enough pockets, but also having warming pockets is a bonus. Not to mention the velcro sleeves to keep your undergarments dry and warm.

The jacket is lightweight and warm on it’s own, but you can easily layer up underneath the jacket without feeling bulky. I’ve worn just a t-shirt under the jacket through light rains, and even worn long sleeves and a hoody – all while having the rain repel nicely off and keeping you out of the elements.

The Pilot Wading Jacket is priced at $99.95. Water repellant, neoprene sleeves and plenty of pockets – at this price gives you more than enough jacket. Just head over to the Frogg Toggs site to check the jacket out for yourself.

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