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Frogg Toggs Canyon Breathable Waders and Hellbender Vest

Frogg Toggs Canyon Breathable Waders and Hellbender Vest

Frogg-Toggs-OuterwareFrogg Toggs is a great company.  They’ve given us numerous products to review, and they have a wide variety of products to suit the needs of fishermen and women around the province. This time around I was given a waterproof fishing vest and a pair of the Canyon waders with the Anura wading boots. My first thoughts when putting them on were, new waders, hmmmmm…Lightweight, very comfortable, much lighter than traditional west coast river waders, perfect for spring lakes I imagine, cruising in the boat…might as well be in pajamas out there except that you’re waterproof and warm if the weather gets ugly as it often does in spring on our interior lakes…well you get the picture. A vest is something I haven’t used in a long time, waterproof pockets a real bonus, it’s comfortable that’s for sure… We spent 6 days in the bush this spring, 4×4′ing old rough roads and trails into out of the way places to hunt down BC’s famous rainbow trout, and put some more Frogg Toggs products to good use.

Canyon wadersYou see, much as you might have a 2-3 wt fly rod for small stream trout fishing, and a 10ft 8 wt for fall coho salmon, a waterproof jacket, or cleats for slippery wading specific rivers, so too you might have gear devoted to the boat, or the river, or the lake. So for several years now I had been considering getting some more waterproof gear specifically for the boat and the boat alone. Spring fishing on our interior lakes can be fantastic sure, but one thing you can count on besides the fishing is that you are going to see a lot of weather…so year after year my heavier river waders would get put to good use standing out on the boat working the shoals, keeping me warm and dry in those sudden weather fronts that seemingly roll through one after another that time of year. Torrential downpours, howling winds & hail, you name it, even if its is bright warm and sunny when you step into the boat and push off, all experienced anglers know to be prepared for that to change while you are out there, and change quickly at that. Right away I knew these were going to be a great addition as they would prove to be perfect for those moody spring days out there in the boat when you need to stay dry, but still be comfortable and cool when that spring sun pokes its head out and it gets warm in a hurry.

A lot of anglers don’t bother to wear their waders in a boat because they are too heavy and uncomfortable to sit around in all day. Some don’t even bring theirs camping with them because their too precious to the river season and they don’t want any campfire burns or needless damage to occur. What immediately struck me was how light these waders are in comparison to my regular high end pair of river waders. These are super comfortable and soooooo light the difference was amazing.  Perfect for the boat. These Canyon two tone breathable waders had various features anglers look for in a pair of waders, with durable waterproof stitched and taped seams, a security pocket, wading belt, and 3.5 mm neoprene booties that are double taped. They were quick and easy to get out of, super lightweight and not too hot when the sun was beaming down on us there a couple days. Anura boot We were launching in a pretty tough spot, had to carry the boat down a steep bank and get right in the water to launch it, the Anura wading shoes have a comfortable feel with excellent traction, even on the rainy days where that slope got a bit slick. They aren’t heavy though, a nice durable and comfortable design, but light enough you can walk around in the all day and your feet don’t get tired or sore. For river use, I might consider adding felt to the rubber sole, and or studs for those really tough wades.

It’s been a long time since I’ve used a vest, but I used the Toadz Hellbender pack vest while out cutthroat fishing on the harrison river this year and it proved really useful. With 26 different pockets in a variety of designs, including 6 zippered security pockets, and various adjustable features for a comfortable fit, it was immediately appearent it would come in handy. I didn’t have to carry much, just the necessities, but enough that jamming everything into the pockets of my waders was going to make things pretty tight. hellbender vest resizeSo I tried the vest out and it definitely made things more organized and comfotable to carry. I tried the vest out in the boat as well, keeping the essentials that I would need throughout the day right at hand and conveniently stored for me for when I needed them.  Of course, with so many pockets, there were times when I had to try to remember where I had put the hemostats, or which pocket had the box of dark green chironie patterns and which had the chromies, but I imagine knowing which pocket has what will become second nature in time.The padded collar made it very comfortable to wear throughout the day, I didn’t even notice I was wearing it really, it was very lightweight and not restricting at all which often seems to be the case with some vests while casting and moving around. The waterproof and breathable design was a real bonus though, especially in the heavy rains where all my gear would have typically begun to get wet, this vest accounted for that nicely and kept everything neat, organized, and dry…

All in all I was very pleased to have all this Frogg Toggs gear with me on my annual spring trip to BC’s famous interior lakes. The waders truly were perfect for the boat, super comfortable and lightweight, really a nice change from my usual set. The vest was a really nice addition too, and when comparing the boots to my regular heavy pair of river boots I have to ask myself why I didn’t get some of this lightweight gear sooner. Now this is not to say these waders would not be just as useful and appropriate to the rivers, I have no doubt they would easily fill that role as well, but I had a niche to fill in my gear repertoire and immediately saw that these would serve that purpose extremely well.

With quality, durable workmanship and a more than affordable price tag, there’s no hesitation in recommending the Frogg Toggs gear to all fishermen and women looking for outerwear to compliment their gear. If you are looking for a new set of waders for the boat, for the river, for yourself, the wife, the kids, the price is right and there’s no sacrifice in quality that’s for sure. Frogg Toggs gear is definitely an excellent option when it comes to staying dry and comfortable out there without breaking the bank!

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