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Redington Sonic-Pro Ultra Packable Wader Review

RedingtonRedington fishing products has been well known to bring quality gear to the fishing industry at an affordable price.  In the past months, we had the chance to review the Sonic Pro, Ultra Packable waders. At first, I thought the waders would not withstand the bushwhacking I put them through. The waders exceeded my expectations and much more. Not only did they withstand the bush, they kept me cool in the heat and remained comfortable through all tests.

Not usually am I blown away with products, but Redington really knocked this one out of the park.

I took the waders out in the back country of Alberta’s Northwest Rockies. The rivers in the area have almost no accessibility, so hiking through sticks was a must. The waders had no problems accomplishing such a feat.

When you first pick the waders up, you will scoff at their weight. The ability to wear the waders and feel as though you are wearing normal pants is astounding. The comfort of these ultra-lite waders is like nothing I’ve experienced before.

Another great thing about these waders is their pack ability. The Waders roll up to fit in their own front pocket, easily compact into a backpack or boat, the waders take up almost no room, and that in my mind is just icing on the cake.

On the market the waders come in at an affordable price of $289.95, the waders cost half of the competitors ultra-lite version.

These waders are a great choice for those who a packable ultra-lite wader without breaking the bank. the waders will always be ready in my back country bag ready for the next adventure.

To find out more about these waders, please visit the Redington website.

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About Jeremie Roy

Jeremie Roy
Jeremie has spent his life growing up in Edmonton, Alberta and Yellowknife Northwest Territories. While being very active in sports, hockey, soccer, and squash, he is now a full time nationally competitive squash player. At the age of 3, his dad put a stick with fishing line tied to the end of it into his hand, and he fished the docks on Pender Island, BC. He spent many summer holidays catching sea perch, green ling and sculpin off the docks along side his dad and ever since, he has been hooked on fishing. At the age of 7, his dad put a fly rod in his hand. That is when things really took off. Rarely if ever, is there not a time when fly fishing isn’t on his mind. He loves fishing the backcountry for big bull trout, but also loves to fish chironomids on Alberta’s Alpine lakes. He spends many weekends on the Bow River South of Calgary chasing its fabled trout. He’s now finishing his last year of high school, and will then be venturing off onto a full years worth of fish bumming around Alberta and British Columbia.

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