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RIO Products: Skagit VersiTip

RIO-ProductsThe longer you fly fish the quicker you will realize that you might not be able to carry everything you need in the pockets of your waders. You will soon be purchasing a pack that will be able to handle more of your required gear as you slowly learn there are many things you might need. As you walk down a river you will realize that the river changes from fast to slow, with different depths and you need to be equipped to handle whatever is presented to you for the bests chances of catching a fish. Some things you might want to pack are clippers, pliers, something to wrap old line around, but most importantly you’ll need to carry different weighted tips, flies of all kinds and a variety of leader.  If you’re like most people, your pack will become stuffed with the essentials but you’ll feel good because you have everything you need.


RIO can help us anglers with a simpler system then trying to guess what we’ll need on the water or having an overfull pack. Fishing Reviews TV tested out RIO’s Skagit VersiTip on a few of our spey rods. Each package comes with a Skagit head that is designed to cast large flies and fast sinking tips with ease, a balanced set of sink tips to cover all the changing conditions you may come across on the water and an appropriate sized shooting line. Each head has welded loops on both ends for quick and easy rigging and has its size printed on the rear loop for quick identification. The VersiTip system also includes a small wallet to fit everything neatly into that will take little to no room in your fishing pack.


The line comes in a few options as well from a 400gr to a 650 gr. We had a 500 and 550 gr, which some people thought was a tad heavy for one of our rods but we rigged it up anyway and found that it was still easy to load for an effortless cast. On our other larger rods we could definitely tell how powerful and advanced this system is. Our team ranges from expert Spey casters to beginner casters and we were all impressed with this line. Not only do you have a system that is easy to use, it was great to be able to easily change the tips when needed. This works out much better then sorting through the stack of individual tips that come in different weights and lengths,  only to find that you don’t have what you need. Just recently we were cutting other brand tips in half. With the Versitip system, you will never have to do that because it is all made to fit and work together uniformly.

The Skagit VeriTip system is something a beginner or expert will appreciate. We definitely recommend this line as it takes a lot of the guess work out of which tip to use and when. We also would like to think the fish like it too.

For further information please visit the RIO Products website.


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