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Wapsi Deluxe Fly Tying Kit Review

WapsiIf you are like me, you often have price shock when you go down to your local fly shop and buy some new flies. You eventually get to that point where you end up losing so many you might as well throw a toonie into the river. So after realizing this, we go back down to the shop and stare at the wall of fly tying equipment. Which feathers do I need? What vise? What thread? The list goes on and on and without guidance the idea of tying your own flies can be daunting. Luckily, thanks to Wapsi, you can now get everything you need in a very cost-effective, complete fly tying kit.

The Deluxe Fly Tying Kit comes with everything you need to either upgrade from your current fly tying setup, or if you are a complete beginner in fly tying. As I opened the box, the sheer amount of materials amazed me. Packed into the box comes all your feathers, hairs, beads, cones, dubbing, chenille, thread, fur, the list goes on. Best part about these materials is that they are most all Wapsi brand so you can have ease knowing that they are top quality. IMG_1393

www.wapsifly.netNot only does the kit include all your soft essentials, but there is also a humongous selection of hooks all from Wapsi’s Lightning Strike collection. There was almost too many hooks to count and they each are labelled nicely so you know what hook is best used for each application. Diving further, I got into the main hardware of the kit. Inside its own box came the vise, scissors, hackle pliers, bobbin, and your bodkin. All tools were separately packaged and felt very high quality.IMG_1394IMG_1397

Lastly, the kit came with a handy booklet that can show the beginner how to tie different patterns that every angler should know. Also included in the book was basic knots to use as well as techniques that are beneficial to know when tying any fly.


Being somewhat of an intermediate fly tier, I still found the kit to be a very good learning tool that would help me improve my fly tying. After following many of the instructions on how to tie certain flies in the book, I eventually found myself tying them almost perfectly every time. Even without tying flies from the booklet, I found that flies that I saw, either at the store or that I have been trying to perfect, had become easier and with the abundance of materials, I could tie almost any fly out there.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the kit. The sheer amount of materials and hardware makes this easily the best kit I have used. Everything is quality, and the book is easy to follow and great to help anyone improve in tying. At around $80.00 for the kit, it is both budget friendly and chocked full of everything you need!

For more information on the Wapsi Deluxe Fly tying kit, visit their website www.wapsifly.net


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